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        JinLongDa Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd
        98, Jianyang Petroleum Equipment Industrial Park, Jianhu County
        • JinLongDa Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd
        • Service hotline:+86-0515-86276260
        • Fax:0515-86276255
        • Mobile:(0)13651599933
        • Appellation:Mr. Xu
        • Email:jinlongdajs@yahoo.com.cn
        • Department of international business
        • Service hotline:+86-515-85501889
        • Fax:+86-515-85501981
        • Appellation:Mr. Valin
        • Mobile:+86-13651599933
        • Email:info@dokai.cn
        • Zip:224700
        • Address: 98, Jianyang Petroleum Equipment Industrial Park, Jianhu County
        • Website:www.dokai.cn
        • Website:www.kauaimenu.com
        • Contact number of service network
        • Dagang North China Office (Self-built)  Address: Old Base of Oil Production Plant of Dagang Oilfield  Contact: Wei Guozhi  Tel: 13702052597
        • Inner Mongolia Sulige Office (Self-built)  Address: In the East Courtyard of the former Northwest Gas Station in Uxin Banner  Contact: Qi Jianpeng  Tel: 15894839007
        • Jingbian Office (Self-built)  Address: Gate Beach Courtyard on the bank of Jingbian Zhaishan  Contact: Auspicious  Tel: 13280808686
        • Service Promise
        • (I) Pre-sales service:
        • 1. Provide professional consultation: guarantee to answer any professional and technical questions raised by users within 24 hours;
        • 2. Provide detailed information: guarantee to provide all technical information required by users within 24 hours;
        • 3. Provide inspection reception: ensure to receive users' inspection at any time, and provide users with various convenient conditions.
        • 4. Ensure that a strict and scientific Technical Agreement is signed according to the requirements of users.
        • (II) In-sale service:
        • 1. Production process
        • Preparation of raw materials production according to the materials confirmed by both parties correct operation under the guidance of API6A, API 16A, API 16C and ISO90001 production of finished products ex-factory inspection and packaging of products according to international inspection standards and regulations delivery.
        • 2. Transportation
        • On-time delivery is a prerequisite for interim service. Sufficient inventory of conventional products, well-planned arrangements and fast transportation tools make the delivery reputation higher than that of peers. From the factory to the long-distance users, we hand it over to the long-term cooperation transportation company with insurance company guarantee to arrange transportation to ensure the goods arrive on time and safely.
        • 3. Delivery mode and delivery time
        • In order to ensure the correct delivery and order of this engineering product, after the product arrives at the site, a delivery note is issued in duplicate. You mainly count the number of pieces arriving at the site. Then, both parties sign the delivery note for confirmation, which serves as the original basis for final settlement and acceptance. All delivery time shall be delivered at the time and address specified by the user.
        • (III) Response time of after-sales service:
        • After-sales service project acceptance time direct receiver response period
        • When receiving and inspecting goods, all-weather sales representatives can respond at any time to deal with problems found in the contract, such as quality problems, damaged packaging, inconsistent quantity, inconsistent marks, etc. within 4 hours.
        • Training related to product installation, debugging and operation. Sales representatives will arrive at the site with trainers within one working day.
        • Routine product maintenance, spare parts replacement, working day, sales representative, 4-hour service personnel, to the site for service.
        • The 24-hour after-sales service office will give a solution within 4 hours if the product fails during installation and debugging.
        • Emergency repair (whether it is the responsibility of our company or not, whether it is within the warranty period or not) The all-weather after-sales service office will give a solution within 4 hours and go to the site to carry out emergency repair within 4 hours.
        • Consultation and training on technical issues related to products; immediate answers from after-sales service department of headquarters on working days.
        • Opinions, suggestions, complaints and other unlisted matters. The after-sales service department of the headquarters will give improvement plans within 12 hours on weekdays, and timely feedback the improvement progress.
        • 1. If users encounter any problems during operation, maintenance and maintenance, within 24 hours, our company will send professional and technical personnel to the domestic site to provide free guidance services and free installation and debugging services.
        • 2. The warranty period of the product is one year from the date when the product leaves the factory. If the product quality problem really affects the use during the one-year warranty period, our company will replace the product in time to ensure the normal operation of the buyer's production. If the buyer's loss is caused by failure to replace it, our company will bear the responsibility.
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        Address: 98, Jianyang Petroleum Equipment Industrial Park, Jianhu County Telephone:+86-0515-86276260
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