how i've changed.英语作文。



我的改变 关于学习



    my life has changed a lot in the last few years.i used to be very short, but nowth much taller than before.

    the biggest change in my life was my hobby.i used to play the computer games all the time, but now i realize it is a waste of time.i always read books now. this is the most important change because good books can change andife.

    another change is that now i like vegetables and fruit much better than junk food. so you see,i'm much healthier than before.

    all in all,'m happy with these changes, because they have brought me the happiness of growth.





    when i was a little child,i used to play with my friends all day long. we found that almost anything could bring fun to us. but now,i am growing up, things seem to change gradually thati don't realize.i had a lot of time to play before, but now nearly all my time is spent on study and homework.i used to watch entertainment program but now i prefer news and english programs.

    generally speaking, things turn better. now,i am interested in reading and writing. i think that the more good books i read, the more knowledge i get. writing is a good way to practice my thinking and improve my writing skills. besides,i become more independent.i can deal with many problems by myself.i think it's important change for me.





    time past quickly.i've changed a lot with the time going.

when i was young,i only know the most interesting thing in the world is playing.i played games with my friends day and night.i wasted a lot of great time.

    but when i was a little older,i not only know playing.i realize learning is as important as playing,even much more important.i spent my whole day to study,study and study.but at that time,i do not know what "stress" means.

    then,two years later,i understood.i was going to graduate from primary school and,i need to pass a special test for the entrance of junior high school.i have no time to play.i have no time to have fun with my good friends.

    after i had passed the examination,i felt more nervous than any time i was.everybody was smart and i didn't have the great position.but i don't know what “give up" is.i spent more time on the subject i was not good at.so i won the first position later.

that's how i've changed.my life bocomes harder and harder,but i am not scared.i try my best to let my life become more interesting.